Monday, 10 December 2012

Running Drills / Dynamic Stretches

Running Drills / Dynamic Stretches should be added to the warm up of every competent 5K athlete and like other parts of a warm up Dynamic Stretches increase an athlete’s body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles, and increases the bodies range of motion.

Unlike static stretches, dynamic stretches should be used by an athlete before a training session or race and should be running specific. The dynamic stretches should focus on forward running movements similar to those a used during a 5K. Dynamic stretches should always be the final part of a warm up.

Below I have listed 5 basic dynamic stretches (each of the forward running stretches should be completed over about 60m on flat, solid ground and run on the balls of the athlete’s feet):

High Knees:  The athlete should shorten and quicken their stride and pronounce the knee lift part of the forward running movement. The athlete’s knees should rise as high as the waist.

Bum Kicks: While running forward the athlete should shorten and quicken their stride and pronounce the heel flick part of the motion. The athlete’s feet should rise to almost make contact with the athletes behind.

Backwards Running: Simply, the athlete should run backwards while looking over their shoulder.

Bunny Hops: The athlete should keep both feet together and hop forward on their toes (This drill should be completed over 20 meters).

Leg Swings: While holding onto a wall or post the athlete should swing their leg forward and backwards keeping the whole leg straight. The athlete should swing their leg as high as they comfortably can (the drill should be repeated 5 times on each leg).

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